Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Summer report

I know, i know - I've been really crap at keeping the blog up to date and the promised regular updates, so hopefully this will bring me right back up to date and I can keep on top of regular blogs.

Since the last entry in April its been a crazy crazy summer May June and July was car season time when everybody wants to shoot. i started doing a lot of studio work in paris on the Nissan Pathfinder and navara updates before shooting the outdoor sections in June. ( unusually with real cars for a change and not CAD data ). Most of July was was spent working on the new brochure and ad launches of the Qashqui +2, which we shot half in Paris and the rest in London - working closeley of course with the talented 3d artists at "this little fish" cgi house, who produced some fine imagery and superb renders, and of course art direction from Lou Setchao of TBWA paris.

August was equally as crazy, i shot a couple of CGI brochures for Toyota with art director Paul valentine from publicis blueprint. We completed facelift brochures for the Aygo and Yaris models which we shot in Paris and The South of France. We had a great production with continental productions ( nico and his team ) , even if they let it rain too much and covered us in hilltop fog, the results look great and i'll have a few on the site soon ( i promise ).

I took a long vacation after the Toyota shoot with the family and returned to go straight into an O2 campaign which was shot at the O2 Arena doing super wide 360 degree interiors of the VIP rooms at the arena in a quirky way.

And here we are now mid October with the world falling apart, lets hope it doesn't slow down too much for us and we can continue making images.

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