Thursday, April 3, 2008

Desert, dust and heat

I returned yesterday from the Middle east after a week of shooting . We had a great shoot for Ogilvy, after casting nearly every chinese looking model in the region we found our models and everything worked out. The heat was intense, averging 40 degrees c, which was hard to work in as the models were getting roasted.

After the commercial shoot was finished i headed out to the deserts propper ( after shooting in dubai city - which will be amazing in a few years when the massive construction finishes ) to shoot some 3d environments and backplates. The producer ( god bless you Alon ) went a sand dune too far and we got beached in the middle of the desert for a few hours before being rescued by a 4x4 tour team. However we manged to get some good pictures, keep your eye on the main web portfolios for those, and I'll also put up a mini project from the trip under the projects section of the site.

So for the next while I'll be in London to finish the ogilvy shoot, and get some housekeeping done, and i'll update the blog soon as i can.

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