Friday, July 24, 2009

New German Agent

I took a flying visit to Frankfurt last week to meet with the german photography representative - Gunda Patzke. We spent all day going through my images and talking about photography, art and life, and I'm delighted to announce that Gunda will now be repping me in Germany.

We are busy working on new portfolios for her now, and in early September we will be showing the portfolios. For those in Germany looking to see a portfolio please go to Gundas site or call her directly on 0049 69 726797.

Dragons den

I spent a lot of time working on this shot for my lurzers Archive ad, and it seems to have gone down very well. I originally did the car in silver, but after a friendly nudge from some art directors I took their advice and changed it to black.

The background was shot in London and the team at This Little Fish did a great job bringing it all to life, by contributing from the early creative stages right through to the final delivery - so thanks to all the team that helped make the shot look so good.