Monday, December 21, 2009

To the Power of Miami

I'm freshly back from the 80 degree sunshine of Miami were I shot the new press campaign for BARCAP ( a division of barclays bank ). The strap lines for the campaign are " To the power of " , which was wonderfully crafted by Dave Cloke and Mark Wilson @ ogilvy London. They created a wonderful visual campaign about making impossible situations real, and I've posted 3 of the campaign shots here for you to see, - I hope you like them - my favorite is the rowing boat shot.

It was a fun filled and eventful shoot - my assistant Dan spent most of the week in bed with severe food poisoning, and the weather could have been kinder to us, but as usual we made it all work, and had a lovely couple of days jetting about the waterways and harbours of Miami.

The mojitos were good and the shoot wrap at the Delano will be remembered for a long time by all of the crew that were on the shoot.

Thats just about it before Christmas hits and I'm looking forward to a couple weeks of rest. So to all of you who read my blog - Merry Christmas - have a good one.

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