Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shanghai Delights

I'm not long back from China. After a hideous long flight from London to Shanghai ( Via a snow bound Beijing ) I found myself in the studio complex of T and W productions. I was pleasantly surprised by the facilities - not super slick, but still on a par with most hire studios around the globe. The thing I found most bizarre was the amount of assistants who ran around after me ( I counted 9 at one point ), but it did make life easier - even if a lot of it did get lost in translation.

The shoot itself was a 4 shot campaign for McCanns in Shanghai, for the chinese launch of the Corvette. I found working with the creative team at McCanns, and the post production guys at T and W pretty good and I think the result speaks for itself. ( I've enclosed one of the shots in the blog) .

Once the madness of the shoot was over, I upped sticks to downtown Pudong to get a feel for Shanghai, and I'll post some of my personal shots from this during the next week or so. Well I hope to be back again in Shanghai, it was a lot of fun - but bloody hard work.

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