Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Here we Come

I think 18 months without adding to a blog is a bit lame, so I have to hold my hands up and plead guilty to wearing that badge. Its been a crazy 18 months were I have watched the photography industry change direction yet again, but it seems that most of us have adapted to the change and moved forward with the change.
2011 started quite slow but from May on it was nuts and I've crossed the globe from Barcelona to Shanghai to Barcelona, back to Shanghai , then wizzing through Detroit, up and down the UK and of course Paris and the projects that I was shooting have destracted me from my blog duties and I'm going to do my very best keep the blog updated through 2012.
I worked on some great projects last year for Nissan, a few for General motors in China and a monster project for GM in the states that is being delivered as I write and was great fun to work on, and then at the opposite end of the spectrum I did a few projects for Fender guitars culminating with a piece on Johnny Marr, which was an awesome treat working with one of my childhood heroes.
The year finished at Silverstone shooting and filming for the GQ supercar awards article to be published in April and that was great to work on also.
I plan to publish all the images and film shorts from 2011 over the next few weeks and that should hopefully bring the blog right up to date before the production craziness begins again. So a big happy new year to everyone , lets hope its busy and prosperous for us all.

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