Monday, October 19, 2009


Freshly back from wet and windy Wales, we managed to sneak 3 days of sunshine and shooting in before the normal weather conditions returned for the rest of the shoot.

We were in Wales shooting the new Press campaign for the launch of the Subaru Legacy and Outback models. You can see some of the campaign here in this blog, and soon to follow will be a little video snap of the shoot and how it happened. There was a great crew there - Phil Haseldon doing Production, along with good old trusty Dan and ian ( fartpants ) keeping me on the straight and narrow and making sure I used the right cameras and remembered which button was the shutter release.

The Agency was CST in London, and the shoot was nicely art directed by Si Micheli with the very experienced Gordon Smith watching over the creative direction.

My favorite shot of the campaign is the splash shot which you can see here (top left), but I'm pleased with how the shots look, and retouching once again was skillfully handled by This little Fish, thanks to mark and michel for their retouching skills.

The shots have started running in the UK press, and should be fairly visible over the next 4 weeks.

Oh! I nearly forgot - real cars for a change. It was quite refreshing to go back to basics again, after so much CGI shooting over the past few years - I even managed to dust off the Rig for some tracking shots.

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