Monday, February 25, 2008

Carl's First Blog

So this is it, the first ever entry in the Carl Lyttle Blog world. I’ve been pondering for ages as to whether to do a blog or not, but feel now it is an essential addition to my website and i intend to update it on a regular basis. This first blog is a synopsis of all that happened in the past year. 2007 was a huge busy year for me, commercially I travelled and shot in locations all over the world in places like, California, Nevada, Canada, Thailand, Paris, Barcelona, Utah, Idaho, Iceland, turkey, scotland and back to california to name but a few for clients ranging from Nissan to Barclays and lexus. 2007 also seen me enter the world of CGI photography and I co founded the cutting edge CGI house called This Little fish and it has in a year grown to already a formidable market force. I found the shift in the industry towards CGI quite incredible and i’m very excited as to how my imagery is moving forward in this direction and the visual opportunities CGI and photography jointly offer. It was a year also of carrying the banner for hasselblad as the UK master 2007 for them, a title that I was proud to have and i also enjoyed being in Stokholm, gottenborg and oslo to speak on behalf of hasselblad to thier collected delegates. The year also had some of my images accepted for the AOP photography awards. Now on to 2008, already crazy in the amount of work going on, but great fun, and I’m off to LA in March with this little fish to attend the CGAM 2008 cgI conference and also speak on the HDRI imaging panel at the show. Finally for this first blog the new web site ( some 4 years after the current site ) will be launched in time for CGAM and will host a completely new selection of images.

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Camolez said...

Cooool Carl,

I will be a serious reader of the thoughts you'll share... keep it up !


Bruno Camolez